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    We're all built in Colorado.   Every day we work here, develop great technologies, build great companies and innovate. Colorado is known for a work hard, play hard mentality which is why so many of us have flourished here. We have more extreme athletes per capita than any other state, proving Coloradoans love to push the envelope and do what hasn't been done before, both in business and outside the boardroom.  

    I’m proud to be the CTO of a company that was born in Colorado in 1999 and continues to invest in the community and the relationships we’ve built here. ViaWest has been the Trustee Annual Sponsor of the Colorado Technology Association for many years and CTA helps us connect and collaborate with a thriving business ecosystem.

    For those that don't know me; I like to innovate and ride bikes. Colorado is the perfect place for me to do just that.  ViaWest’s latest innovation, the Compark data center, is right in our backyard. We continue to build and operate leading colocation and cloud platforms so our customers can focus on their business problems, not IT.  Our customers love us and frankly pick us -- because of our local support and services.  They know that 24x7 we are there to help manage their infrastructure, their data and their networks.  We do it every day, for thousands of customers in 27 data centers across seven states.  

    We're in an amazing growth industry.  Internet of things, self-driving cars, driving efficiency to target new customers, this is the world we live in every day.  We manage flight operations, health care systems, payment systems, emergency medical logistics -- which are "mission critical" for sure!  These companies, as well as startups and emerging customers  need us and need Colorado's work hard / play hard philosophy to thrive.  And we are at work every single day to help them be better and augment what they can't do.  We work as a team to bring solutions together and drive innovation forward in this great ecosystem that is Colorado. This not only improves where we live but also makes Colorado a very unique place to do business. 

    I look forward to spending some time writing in this space to help link our culture of innovation with business and technology. I also invite your feedback.  Thanks for reading!  

    Jason Carolan, CTO, ViaWest


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