1. 3 new Boulder startups to look out for this quarter

    3 new Boulder startups to look out for this quarter

    posted by Katie Leimkuehler on 05/29/2014 10:15 am * 73 views * 0 comments

    Tweet The vibrant community of Boulder is known to be a startup hub that attracts new and up-and-coming entrepreneurs. The Kauffman Foundation found Boulder to have the highest high-tech startup density of any metro area in the United States in 2013. Built In Colorado caught up with a few founders to find out why it’s the place to be and how Boulder is a fit for their startup journeys.

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    1. We discovered the need for Varsity quite naturally.
    2. We are building Varsity because it matters.
    3. This summer we will be working with several Colorado universities to prepare launches of our application across the state when school is back in session.
    4. Lianne and I are 22—very young for the average startup.
    5. Right now, it's incredibly complicated and expensive for emerging clothing designers to take their designs from an idea to a tangible product.
    6. While you don't typically think of Boulder/Denver as a fashion mecca, there is actually a growing design community that is acutely feeling the pain of getting their designs to market.
    7. I've always been an enterprise guy, building software and apps for businesses.
    8. I love building innovative things from scratch that solve business problems, especially products with features no one has ever seen before.
    9. First and foremost, supporting our fast-growing list of customers, and second, launching the 2.0 version of Useful.
    10. We love being a part of the startup community.
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