1. How STEAM plays a critical role in developing Colorado's STEM-focused workforce

    How STEAM plays a critical role in developing Colorado's STEM-focused workforce

    Much of Colorado's economic future depends on a coordinated effort between K-12, universities, governments and businesses to produce a quality, educated workforce with an emphasis on degrees in science, technology, engineering and math — commonly referred to as STEM. The Colorado Department of Higher Education's (CDHE) reports that 55 percent of Colorado jobs will require a STEM-related higher education by the year 2020.

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    1. The broad way of using arts to learn gets narrowed into oral and written language.
    2. The arts and STEM are complimentary in reinforcing each other because they both require critical thinking.
    3. STEAM is pushing for skills-based learning.
    4. We can do what we've done and reduce the arts and prioritize STEM, or we can look for a model that brings arts into the classroom.
    5. If I'm in a science classroom and learning how to dissect an earthworm, I'm not learning something or how that's applicable in the real world.
    6. We have a ton of great examples of that integrated approach to STEM...of project-based learning.
    7. If you implement a STEAM-type of program, it's required that you collaborate in your school and your community.
    8. University museums are often innovators.
    9. Whether it is work performed at the world-class National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) or at one of hundreds of small, local NGOs like the Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado, a multidisciplinary background really helps with integration and faster implementation times.
    10. By teaching students how to think critically, liberal arts institutions can have a dramatic impact on STEM as their students work across STEM areas.
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