1. The Next Top 10 Cities For Tech Jobs

    The Next Top 10 Cities For Tech Jobs

    Sure, New York and Silicon Valley will always be tech hubs but these other U.S. cities could be home to the next big thing. Entrepreneurs and young professionals looking to launch their career or their startup in an active technology hub have a wide variety of alternatives to the costly traditional hotspots like New York, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley.

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    1. If you just got out of school and you're looking to get into tech you could go to Silicon Valley, but you're going to be facing a lot of folks who have a lot of experience, who have been there a while, and an incredibly expensive housing market.
    2. If you want take that first step in your career in tech, or you want to start a startup of your own, these are great potential alternatives.
    3. They have a great university, they've started to attract the kind of talent that is looking to start their own businesses, so they have a very lively tech startup scene there.
    4. They've done a great job capitalizing on the natural beauty and the resources they've been able to attract.
    5. It's always one of those places that is ranked near the top of the best places to live because of the quality of life, affordability, recreational opportunities, and it's got a great business environment as well.
    6. In terms of what's driving that growth, it would definitely be Vanderbilt University.
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