1. Startup by West Bloomfield High School grads aims to help local small businesses

    Two West Bloomfield High School graduates, Andy Balan and Sara Lukas, have recently launched a startup that capitalizes on a market that is still foreign to many.

    The goal of the new company, eSale Solutions, is to bring a large portion of local small businesses into the world of e-commerce.

    Balan, who founded the company in October of 2014, explains the idea behind their company in very simple terms.

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    1. Think of us as the technological middleman between small businesses and online sales channels
    2. We are working specifically with the tail end of retail: small businesses, mom and pop shops, single artists, artisan makers, people not at the enterprise level.
    3. I saw there was a gap in the services and solutions they had for building out their online channel. I knew that at some point I wanted to get into my own small business consulting or digital consulting.
    4. It's a great market for people and I'd be open ears to listening to it myself.
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