1. How Lucy Sanders tackles gender inequity: Data, research, humor

    How Lucy Sanders tackles gender inequity: Data, research, humor

    BOULDER — Lucy Sanders' memorable moment No. 1: traveling to New Jersey with her husband to accept the Bell Labs Fellow Award, the highest honor bestowed on about a half-dozen company scientists and engineers each year.

    As the third woman to receive the award since its inception in 1982, she remembered watching the wives of other award winners clapping excitedly as a woman stepped up to accept the award.

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    1. We know that women make up less than 5 percent of the leadership roles (at tech companies), and we know that they have twice the quit rate as men in private-sector jobs. And we pretty much know they are not inventing because we know the patent rates.
    2. We don't subscribe to that. And we don't subscribe to men being the biased, evil ones because research shows that all of us have this bias about who does technology.
    3. She's so passionate about our mission, and she's very charismatic in talking about it and framing the issues in ways that she can appeal to so many different stakeholders.
    4. Lucy comes at all problems with the brain of an engineer and the soul of a philosopher.
    5. She was usually a pleasure to work with.
    6. The real end goal is not the sustainability of NCWIT. We're done as an organization when every organization that should care about diversity and inclusion in computing does care.
    7. When I saw that people were releasing their numbers, I just knew it was a no-brainer for us. It just seemed natural.
    8. It was kind of disappointing for me too.
    9. The most important thing to me about releasing our diversity figures was not that it was a check-mark thing. It was about what we were doing and our strategy and being held accountable.
    10. We are starting to see CEOs out there.
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