1. Colorado entrepreneurs gather to share, get feedback on their concepts

    Colorado entrepreneurs gather to share, get feedback on their concepts
    By Katherine blunt katherine.blunt@gazette.com -

    Ian Lee had to yell to silence the group.

    Fifty people paused their conversations and turned their attention to the center of the room, where three entrepreneurs were about to share what each hoped would be the next big idea.

    Lee and his cousin, Nick Lee - two organizers of Colorado Springs New Tech, a pitch night hosted by Peak Startup - fed the crowd's excitement with 10 pizzas, a keg and boxed wine.

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    1. When we first started doing pitch night, we often struggled to go for a full five minutes of questions.
    2. A (high-growth) company at some point will have revenue take off at a rate much higher than the number of employees you have to add.
    3. We've had very substantial traction.
    4. I've seen more energy than I expected, and I've seen more potential than I expected.
    5. Even the entrepreneurial community itself is siloed.
    6. There is an appalling lack of risk capital being deployed in this region.
    7. They don't understand the high-tech startup space.
    8. We need to create a renaissance in our downtown so that more employers to want to be downtown.
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