1. Taxi Magic relaunches as Curb amid competition from Uber, Lyft

    Taxi Magic relaunches as Curb amid competition from Uber, Lyft

    Meet Curb, a new on-demand e-hailing service available in Denver and across the nation that will compete with tech darlings such as Uber Technologies and Lyft.

    The catch?

    Curb has been around for about five years under a different name: Taxi Magic.

    The company is launching a makeover Wednesday that will include the new brand and an updated smartphone app.

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    1. This industry has gone through a lot of change in the last 18 to 24 months.
    2. Under the new Curb model, if a driver accepts a ride and is coming to pick up a rider and they don't get there, that driver will then be locked off of the system for five hours.
    3. They're trying to modernize the name like the competitive apps.
    4. Curb has been at the forefront of using mobile apps to book rides, and Yellow Cab in Colorado is proud to say we've been with them since the beginning.
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