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    1. Techtonic Academy arrives at The Commons on Champa!

      Techtonic Academy arrives at The Commons on Champa!
      The Techtonic Academy has completed week one of a four-week apprenticeship training class, hosted in partnership with the Downtown Denver Partnership and Colorado Technology Association (CTA) at The Commons on Champa in Denver. Techtonic Group is providing opportunity to unemployed and under-employed individuals with an emphasis on increasing the opportunity for youth, women, people of color and veterans to enter the information technology workforce. The current class consists of 12 students with 75 percent of the students in the class falling into the targeted population.
      The four-week, instructor-led class will teach modern programming concepts, introduce students to the most common ...
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    2. Can I-70's Mountain Corridor Ever Be Fixed?

      Can I-70's Mountain Corridor Ever Be Fixed?

      Shailen Bhatt is hungry. The executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation is at the wheel of a white Dodge Durango SUV—an official CDOT vehicle, retrofitted with flashing amber emergency lights—when he exits Interstate 70 in Idaho Springs, swoops into a McDonald’s drive-thru, and orders an Egg McMuffin. I’m sitting in the passenger seat. “Do you want anything?” he asks.

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    3. Denver software startup Convercent raises $10M

      Denver software startup Convercent raises $10M

      DENVER — Convercent, a Denver-based startup that produces compliance software for businesses, has raised $10 million. BusinessDen reports that the company filed a Regulation D filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Feb. 9, detailing the raise. The $10 million haul takes Convercent’s fundraising to $47 million in a series of offerings.

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