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    1. Exponential Impact earns $750,000 injection

      Exponential Impact earns $750,000 injection

      Tech accelerator Exponential Impact is one of only two Colorado-based organizations awarded i6 grant funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Regional Innovation Strategies program. Exponential Impact, or XI, applied for and was awarded $750,000, which will be used to continue its work to develop entrepreneurial programs focused on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, XI announced in a news release today.

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    2. Second National Cyber Symposium kicks off Oct. 8

      Second National Cyber Symposium kicks off Oct. 8

      The 2018 National Cyber Symposium kicks off at The Broadmoor hotel Oct. 8, focusing on “the best ways to handle cybersecurity in a constantly changing world — from corporate concerns to global threats.” Hosted by the National Cybersecurity Center, the two-day symposium will include sessions on corporate cybersecurity, managing risk, executive oversight, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, cyber compliance, state and federal defense strategies, global threats and workforce development.

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    3. ‘Sharing’ disrupts economy, creates opportunity

      ‘Sharing’ disrupts economy, creates opportunity

      It started with eBay and Craigslist. Then came Uber. Airbnb disrupted the hotel industry and new startup TaskRabbit promises to do the same thing for temporary staffing firms. Increasingly, people are turning to what’s now being called the shared economy for goods and services, cutting out corporations and creating a peer-to-peer ecommerce network. 

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    4. Automation: Educators preparing for unclear future

      Automation: Educators preparing for unclear future

      Educational institutions are using technology to assist teachers, make a wealth of material available to students and virtually transcend the traditional classroom. “We have a whole initiative in place because we have to prepare students for a world yet to be imagined,” said Devra Ashby, public information officer at Colorado Springs School District 11. 

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    5. NCC launches Blockchain 102 course

      NCC launches Blockchain 102 course

      Global spending on blockchain solutions is expected to reach $2.1 billion this year, according to market research firm IDC, while postings for blockchain-related jobs have tripled on LinkedIn over the past year. With interest and investment in blockchain technology booming, the National Cybersecurity Center is offering an interactive class called “Blockchain 102: A deep dive into blockchain and the social implications” on August 23, 5-7 p.m.

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    6. Peak Startup, SSPR gear up for annual startup week

      Peak Startup, SSPR gear up for annual startup week

      An annual five-day celebration of the local startup community is about a month away. Peak Startup is hosting Colorado Springs Startup Week, which runs Aug. 20-24, through Tech Stars that promotes Startup Weeks globally. The event also has three track sponsors, including the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, locally based SSPR and the Colorado Institute for Social Impact.

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    7. City teams up with car dealers to promote electric vehicles

      City teams up with car dealers to promote electric vehicles

      The city of Colorado Springs recently announced it was partnering with local car dealerships “[i]n an effort to promote sustainable transportation options in Colorado Springs,” a news release said, adding the city’s Office of Innovation & Sustainability has sought out local auto dealers to provide incentives for residents purchasing electric vehicles.

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    8. Innovation park could be catalyst in Southeast

      Innovation park could be catalyst in Southeast

      After a slow start, development in the Commercial Aeronautical Zone surrounding Colorado Springs Airport is poised to take off. There’s particular excitement about the prospect of development at Peak Innovation Park, the 900-acre master-planned business park that occupies the south end of the zone, on both sides of Milton Proby Parkway at the entrance...

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    9. National Cybersecurity Center to launch AFA CyberCamp

      National Cybersecurity Center to launch AFA CyberCamp

      The National Cybersecurity Center will launch its AFA CyberCamp in July, for 7th to 12th graders brand new to cybersecurity. “The content is designed to promote interest in [science, technology, engineering and math] and cyber so that kids can start on a pathway toward jobs in high-demand career fields,” Mary Graft, the NCC’s director of...

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