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    1. 11th Annual C-Level @ A Mile High to set the Stage for Another Milestone Year in Colorado Tech

      11th Annual C-Level @ A Mile High to set the Stage for Another Milestone Year in Colorado Tech

      DENVER - On March 16, a record-breaking 65-plus top Colorado tech executives across diverse industries will volunteer their time to propel business in the state and raise funds for Colorado Technology Association’s year-long work to advance Colorado’s tech industry and workforce.

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    2. Techtonic Academy arrives at The Commons on Champa!

      Techtonic Academy arrives at The Commons on Champa!
      The Techtonic Academy has completed week one of a four-week apprenticeship training class, hosted in partnership with the Downtown Denver Partnership and Colorado Technology Association (CTA) at The Commons on Champa in Denver. Techtonic Group is providing opportunity to unemployed and under-employed individuals with an emphasis on increasing the opportunity for youth, women, people of color and veterans to enter the information technology workforce. The current class consists of 12 students with 75 percent of the students in the class falling into the targeted population.
      The four-week, instructor-led class will teach modern programming concepts, introduce students to the most common ...
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    3. CTA Lands in D.C. with Fellow Tech Councils, Colorado Delegation

      CTA Lands in D.C. with Fellow Tech Councils, Colorado Delegation

      Last week, Colorado Technology Association (CTA) President & CEO, Andrea Young and Program Specialist Matt Wendel attended the 2017 CompTIA DC Fly-In with other Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) members. The DC Fly-In is a chance to get briefed on the latest policy trends in tech and to meet with Congress members and relevant government agencies. CTA was also accompanied by Ed Rios, CEO of the National Cybersecurity Center, and Wendy Brors, assistant director at the Colorado Workforce Development Council. 

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    4. Colorado Technology Association Hosts 2017 Legislative Reception

      Colorado Technology Association Hosts 2017 Legislative Reception

      Colorado Technology Association recently held its 2017 Legislative Reception at the Denver Art Museum to celebrate Colorado’s state elected officials and to thank them for their work impacting the tech community. CTA strives to be a resource for our state legislators and focuses on making Colorado the most tech educated state in the nation, a global leader in tech and advocates for modern policy that keeps pace.

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    5. C-Level @ A Mile High Q&A with 2017 presenting sponsor Comcast/Comcast Business

      The 11th-annual C-Level @ A Mile High is approaching fast and we are thrilled about the impressive lineup of executive celebrities and sponsors on board this year. This year’s presenting sponsor, Comcast/Comcast Business, is excited to support the tech community through their engagement at C-Level and took a few moments to share why they decided to get so involved at Colorado tech’s biggest event of the year and the largest fundraiser for Colorado Technology Association.

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    6. CDOT ED Shailen Bhatt shares how tech, transportation intersect

      CDOT ED Shailen Bhatt shares how tech, transportation intersect

      Last week, Colorado Technology Association held its annual Legislative Outlook to inform members of the tech community about high priority issues facing Colorado. Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) Executive Director Shailen Bhatt gave a presentation on the changing nature of transportation and how technology is helping to shape it as well as the policy changes that will need to follow. CDOT is using innovative ideas to address transportation challenges, with many of those projects coming through their RoadX program.

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    7. Blue Star Recyclers: Creating Opportunities for Colorado’s Developmentally Disabled Tech Workforce

      Blue Star Recyclers: Creating Opportunities for Colorado’s Developmentally Disabled Tech Workforce

      Colorado Technology Association (CTA) recently toured Blue Star Recyclers’ (Blue Star) Denver facility, and we were amazed by the organization’s multifaceted, environmentally focused social enterprise. Providing the opportunity for individuals with varying development disabilities to secure gainful employment while addressing the need for increased e-waste recycling, Blue Star is creating a truly sustainable and scalable model in the heart of Colorado.

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    8. Implementing State Legislation from 2015 and 2016

      Implementing State Legislation from 2015 and 2016

      Innovative Industries Grant Program

      In 2015, the Colorado legislature passed HB15-1230, the Innovative Industries Internship Program. If you are an employer in an Innovative Industry you may be eligible for reimbursement up to 50% of paid internship costs with a cap of $5,000 for interns with a minimum of 130 on-the-job training hours completed in 6 months. 80% of awards will go to businesses with fewer than 100 employees. This program is administered through the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and funded by the state.

      The next application cycle will open January 1, 2017 - February 15, 2017. Applications ...

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    9. Colorado’s Political Landscape & New State House Leadership

      Colorado’s Political Landscape & New State House Leadership

      November 8th saw a lot of political change nationally, however, the political landscape in Colorado looks similar to how it did before voting began. U.S. Senator Michael Bennet won re-election as Colorado’s Senior Senator and all seven of Colorado’s Congressional Representatives retained their seats. The Colorado Statehouse will not see a change is party control with the Democrats increasing their majority to 37-28 in the House of Representatives and the Republicans maintaining their 18-17 majority in the Senate.

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    10. Colorado will Increase the Number & Diversity of Colorado Students Pursuing Tech

      The Colorado Education Initiative (CEI), the Colorado Technology Association (CTA), the National Center for Women & Technology (NCWIT), and Oracle Academy brought together a cross-sector group of national, state, and local participants to initiate a community-based collaborative. This education and technology task force — Compute Colorado — drafted initial ideas on key partner priorities to increase the number and diversity of Colorado students prepared to compete for high-demand, high-wage technology jobs, particularly in computer science. Of note, task force members identified the need to refine the purpose of this effort, to define computer science, and to ensure a focus on technology literacy as ...

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    11. The Rockies are Full of Technology

      The Rockies are Full of Technology

      We did it. Five cities. Five days.

      The first Colorado Tech Tour was a huge success as we engaged with hundreds of tech leaders across the state and learned about the exciting technology activities in each city. From drones, to robots, to Saas software to great service companies, Colorado is full of opportunity and great leaders building technology companies in every city.

      In each city, we hosted a listening session with local leaders to learn first-hand what opportunities and challenges exist in each market. This was the best time spent on the tour–interacting with economic developers, real estate developers ...

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    12. Taking it on the road

      Taking it on the road

      It's summertime, and we are taking the Colorado Technology Association on the road. Time to get out of Denver, cruise the awesome roads of Colorado and discover where we can get lost, without any cell coverage, in Colorado!

      We are excited to depart on our inaugural Colorado Tech Tour on July 20th. 5 cities, 5 days and numerous conversations for us to connect with all things technology in our state. As Colorado continues to grow and become a core hub of technology in the U.S., it has never been more important for us to work together and collaborate ...

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    13. Colorado Rising

      Colorado Rising

      Over the last year, the Colorado technology community has gotten a lot of attention, marked by leading global technology companies buying, partnering and investing deeply in our ecosystem. Just last week, CA Technologies acquired Rally Software in Boulder, marking a great new chapter in this homegrown software leader’s history.

      More than 50 percent of the top ten tech companies in the United States were active in Colorado in the last year, which highlights the great companies we are growing and developing.

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    14. Collaborating to create a culture of innovation: The Commons on Champa and Denver Startup Week

      Collaborating to create a culture of innovation: The Commons on Champa and Denver Startup Week

      This month we celebrate Denver and Colorado’s spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation. As you probably know, last year Forbes ranked Denver as the second-best city in which to launch a startup and Colorado was among the top five most entrepreneurial states by the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurial Index. These are just a few of the many organizations recognizing the special things that are happening in our backyard.

      As you have heard over the past year, CTA is dedicated to ensuring that Colorado is a tech-friendly place, which often involves ensuring an environment for innovation. To this end, we have collaborated ...

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    15. Giving Back to Improve Education

      Giving Back to Improve Education

      C-Level marks the beginning of spring at CTA – and if the energy of C-Level is any indication to the year ahead, we are off and running fast. Thank you all for making the event a success.

      Spring is a busy time in the technology economy as it is a time renewal and focus on moving the State forward through innovation and technology. The legislature is in session and our policy makers are working hard improve the technology climate in Colorado, with workforce and education at the top of the priority list for 2015. And April is a very busy month ...

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    16. C-Level @ A Mile High is your platform to connect

      C-Level @ A Mile High is your platform to connect

      I've been involved with C-Level for seven years and each year I’m overwhelmed by how deep the relationships grow. C-Level really is a platform for connecting and drives CTA's programming and advocacy efforts to build those connections all year across Colorado and beyond.

      Large companies may come because they struggle to innovate and want to discover technologies startups are building or seek partnerships and acquisitions. They also may use it as a showcase to differentiate themselves and their products. In many ways, I see C-Level as Colorado’s version of a smaller CES.

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    17. Successful Data Mobility Strategy – Balancing Risk and Reward

      Successful Data Mobility Strategy – Balancing Risk and Reward

      The embrace of business data mobility is occurring at different rates in different industries. Some transformational businesses and technologically savvy entities were the first to adopt an enterprise-wide remote access/bring your own device (BYOD) model. This change has dramatically transformed the way people work and the way companies operate, and its benefits are irrefutable. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity, improved efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, and reduced costs are all potential opportunities for businesses that can successfully implement a strong data mobility strategy.

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    18. And…We are Off!

      And…We are Off!

      2014 was an amazing year for Colorado technology.  Fresh IPO, tens of new companies, and consolidation in some core Colorado operations.  Within our membership alone, we had over $8.0 billon of transactions in 2014 – marking one of the largest deal years in history.  It was a great year.  By all measures, 2014 as the best year in technology in Colorado in a long time.

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