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    1. Business Storytelling: Why Tech Companies Must Integrate Their Data

      Business Storytelling: Why Tech Companies Must Integrate Their Data

      Though businesses in many industries are experiencing a shift in focus when it comes to data integration from a predominantly IT role to a partnership between the IT department and business line, this change is particularly important for companies in the highly competitive high tech industry for a number of reasons.

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    2. COLOborn


      We're all built in Colorado.   Every day we work here, develop great technologies, build great companies and innovate. Colorado is known for a work hard, play hard mentality which is why so many of us have flourished here. We have more extreme athletes per capita than any other state, proving Coloradoans love to push the envelope and do what hasn't been done before, both in business and outside the boardroom.  

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    3. Have you reserved your APEX Conference tickets?

      Have you reserved your APEX Conference tickets?

      Fall is the time we celebrate and plan for a great new year in technology. This Fall, we have a jam-packed event calendar culminating with our two APEX events. One, the APEX Awards on November 5th, will bring our community together for an elegant dinner to celebrate our award finalists and winners who have propelled Colorado forward. The other, the APEX Conference, is a day of technology "show and tell" to showcase the people and companies in our technology community who make Colorado tech, Colorado and bring together the biggest ideas and trends that will drive 2015 and beyond. 

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    4. Denver Startup Week: The Importance Celebration!

      Denver Startup Week: The Importance Celebration!

      With the start of September, comes the anticipation of the 3rd Annual Denver Startup Week. Hard to believe the event is already in its third year – as the community has built this into the largest free entrepreneurial event in the United States!

      With the start of the week, it is important to focus on Celebration.  The tagline for the week is “a celebration of everything entrepreneurial in Denver,” and the week is focused on it. Celebrating, in revelry, the awesomeness of the Denver and Colorado startup communities! 

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