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    1. Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Denver, CO  •  Thursday, December 4, 2014  •  8:30am – 11:00am Mountain Time

      Join Cloudera, Dell, and Intel for a morning of thought leadership and discussion around the changing world of big data security.

      Hadoop is a powerful tool for today’s enterprise – providing unified storage of all data and metadata, regardless of format or source, and multiple frameworks for robust processing and analytics.

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    2. Big Data and the boardroom

      Big Data and the boardroom

      Corporate boards have relied on “Big Data” since the advent of the adding machine. But this decision-making discipline based on quantitative, numeric information was mostly limited to the compilation, analysis and presentation of individual financial transactions. These transactions are historically rolled into a handful of leading indicators – the numbers we use to oversee a company – e.g., earnings per share, cash flows and inventory vs. sales.

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    3. INterview with Stephanie Spong, Moksa Ventures managing director

      INterview with Stephanie Spong, Moksa Ventures managing director

      Stephanie Spong is a venture capitalist, gamer and self-described “business-savvy geek” with Moksa Ventures, a micro-venture fund dedicated to building out the game layer, and investing in early-stage game companies and game-related technologies, mechanics and platforms both as entertainment and as real-world solutions to real-world problems.

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    4. Ball Aerospace lands work on 18-satellite fleet for space-imaging startup

      Ball Aerospace lands work on 18-satellite fleet for space-imaging startup

      Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. has struck a deal to build instruments and assemble 18 satellites for a startup that aims to collect data from Earth's entire surface daily.

      The Boulder-based aerospace contractor -- a unit of Broomfield-based Ball Corp. (NYSE: BLL) -- says it has reached a deal with Arlington, Virginia-based OmniEarth Inc., which plans to have its entire fleet of satellites — each the size of a dorm-room refrigerator — launched and deployed in orbit by 2018.

      "This is the…

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    5. Interactive Map: Where are all the Broncos fans?

      Interactive Map: Where are all the Broncos fans?

      The Broncos really are America's team -- according to Twitter.

      By examining the official Twitter handle and followers of all 32 NFL teams, Twitter mapped the most popular teams among users across the country.

      Nearly 27 percent of the Broncos' followers reside in Colorado, while nearly 8 percent live in California and the remaining 65 percent are scattered across the rest of the U.S.

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    6. Oracle Denver Day 2014

      Oracle Denver Day 2014
      Trends such as cloud, mobile, social and big data are converging to disrupt old business models and drive global change. Only by embracing this change will organizations be able to get ahead in the digital economy.
      Join us at Oracle Day 2014 and:
      • Learn about the convergence of cloud, mobile, social and big data
      • Discover how digital disruption is transforming business models
      • Understand how organizations are thriving in the new digital economy
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