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    1. Boomtown and Comcast Labs to build IoT lab

      Boomtown and Comcast Labs to build IoT lab

      Like most great technological advancements, the Internet of Things (IoT) allows today’s innovators to imagine a better world. The IoT could lead to a vast array of products, some of which could prove revolutionary. The thing is, the industry is still trying to identify just what those products might be. The exploration of IoT is young, its potential still a bit mysterious. That's why one Boulder-based accelerator hopes to demystify it.

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    2. Denver a top 10 city for IT job growth

      Denver a top 10 city for IT job growth

      Denver is ranked among 10 "hot cities for IT pros in 2015" by InformationWeek. The business-technology news outlet used data for the year ending in January from tech jobs site Dice.com to compare markets with at least 500 information-technology job listings. "Recruiters at both Eliassen and Mondo picked Denver among their hottest IT hiring markets so far in 2015," the report says.

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    3. Aventura Adds $14M to Help Doctors Navigate Electronic Records

      Aventura Adds $14M to Help Doctors Navigate Electronic Records

      Whether or not doctors, nurses, or patients like it, electronic health records are here to stay, and computers are becoming ubiquitous in exam rooms. While the healthcare world adjusts, some software companies are taking the next step—making applications that improve the performance and usability of the first wave of digital systems.

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    4. Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Denver, CO  •  Thursday, December 4, 2014  •  8:30am – 11:00am Mountain Time

      Join Cloudera, Dell, and Intel for a morning of thought leadership and discussion around the changing world of big data security.

      Hadoop is a powerful tool for today’s enterprise – providing unified storage of all data and metadata, regardless of format or source, and multiple frameworks for robust processing and analytics.

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    5. Big Data and the boardroom

      Big Data and the boardroom

      Corporate boards have relied on “Big Data” since the advent of the adding machine. But this decision-making discipline based on quantitative, numeric information was mostly limited to the compilation, analysis and presentation of individual financial transactions. These transactions are historically rolled into a handful of leading indicators – the numbers we use to oversee a company – e.g., earnings per share, cash flows and inventory vs. sales.

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