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    1. California OKs autonomous car testing without backup drivers

      California OKs autonomous car testing without backup drivers

      LOS ANGELES (AP) — Driverless cars will be tested in California for the first time without a person behind a steering wheel under new rules approved Monday for the fast-developing technology.

      The regulations are a major step toward getting autonomous vehicles to dealerships and onto the streets of California, where companies such as Tesla and Waymo are leading the way on the technology.

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    2. Denver metro-area jobs study finds major industries outpacing national growth

      Software and IT employment grew 32 percent in the Denver metro area over the past five years, making it fastest growing among nine major industry clusters the Denver Metro Economic Development Corp. highlights in its latest annual study, which was issued Thursday. Software and IT outpaced the industry’s growth nationwide and its growth made the Denver area the eighth-highest concentration of software and IT workers among major U.S. cities.

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    3. Colorado business named to Fast Company's 2018 'Most Innovative Companies' in the world

      Punch Bowl Social was among the honorees named to Fast Company's 2018 "Most Innovative Companies" in the world. It was the only Colorado-based company to make it on the list. Punch Bowl Social ranked 9th under the "Gaming" sector portion of the rankings for "modernizing the gaming center with scratch cooking and a late-night club vibe."

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    4. Amazon HQ2: Is March 1 the deadline for info from finalist cities?

      Amazon HQ2: Is March 1 the deadline for info from finalist cities?

      Denver and the 19 other areas that are still in the running for Amazon.com Inc.'s second headquarters have been preparing more information for the e-commerce giant in hopes of landing the $5 billion "HQ2" complex -- and now there may be a deadline. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan told a gathering of business owners Thursday that the state has until March 1 to finalize its bid for Amazon HQ2. Montgomery County, Maryland, is on the HQ2 short list.

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    5. Microsoft to invest in Denver insurance underwriting assistance company

      A Denver company that utilizes automated artificial intelligence for insurance underwriting assistance says that Microsoft Corp. is making an investment in the company. Flyreel, which uses artificial intelligence to assist in underwriting for commercial and residential properties, said in a statement that "Microsoft is investing resources and expertise to accelerate Flyreel's go-to-market strategy."

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    6. Maxar Technologies, parent of DigitalGlobe, moves 800-job HQ to Colorado

      Maxar Technologies, parent of DigitalGlobe, moves 800-job HQ to Colorado

      The Canadian parent company of DigitalGlobe is moving its headquarters to Westminster and plans to create more than 800 new corporate jobs for the space technology company there in coming years. Maxar Technologies Ltd. (NYSE and TSX: MAXR) makes satellites and develops related data and analysis services to companies and government agencies.

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    7. Denver healthcare blockchain data company BurstIQ raising money

      BurstIQ, a Denver healthcare blockchain data company, said it's received a $5 million investment from a Las Vegas company. BurstIQ said Millennium Blockchain will invest the money, adding "this investment is the first of BurstIQ’s $20 million private placement offering." The company said in a statement that it "expects to complete the offering by March 31."

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    8. Fort Collins company closing California plant, moving operations to Colorado

      A Fort Collins aerospace company said it will shut down one of its plants in California and move the operations to Colorado. Woodward Inc. (Nasdaq: WWD), a long-time Fort Collins company that makes aerospace and industrial components, said it will close its Duarte, California that makes thrust reverser actuation systems and move the operations to its Fort Collins campus.

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