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    1. Denver cybersecurity company adds former U.S. senator to its board

      Denver cybersecurity company adds former U.S. senator to its board

      A Denver cybersecurity company said it's adding a former U.S. senator from Colorado to its board of directors. SecureSet, a private intensive cybersecurity training course, said former U.S. Sen. Mark Udall is joining its board. “I find SecureSet’s mission compelling, both from a security and economic perspective. Universities are an important part of the solution, but we have to be far more agile and nimble to address emerging threats.

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    2. Denver cybersecurity training school moves to new Blake Street location

      Denver is quite the hotbed when it comes to cybersecurity. In April, it was reported that CyberGRX, a cybersecurity company that moved to Denver last summer, said it raised $20 million in venture capital. In March, Denver-based Optiv Security Inc. bought Comm Solutions, a 71-person cybersecurity and IT networking consulting practice based in Pennsylvania. Now, a Denver cybersecurity training academy said it's moving to a new Blake Street location that it said will allow it to grow. SecureSet…

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    3. Centennial laser startup gets $5 million in funding

      CENTENNIAL — Nuburu, a startup that makes laser products for metal machining, raised $5 million in venture capital, and is seeking another $5 million, reports BusinessDen. The company, whose first product is one for laser metal 3-D printing, has already gathered $15 million in funding over the years. Nuburu plans to use its latest round on developing its newest product, which can weld copper materials and is ideal for welding batteries.

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