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    1. Using blockchain, Denver company tracks exactly where your coffee came from

      A Denver company's technology will enable coffee drinkers to find out exactly where their coffee's beans were harvested, down to the coffee farmer who harvested the bean. Denver startup bext360 designed technology that when used at the Ugandan coffee farm, tracks the coffee from the farmer right down to when it's sold at one of Coda Coffee's locations around Denver.

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    2. Zayo CEO Caruso, wife, give $2 million to University of Colorado

      Zayo CEO Caruso, wife, give $2 million to University of Colorado

      Zayo Group Holdings Inc. CEO Dan Caruso, and his wife Cindy, are giving the University of Colorado $2 million. According to the school, through their foundation the Carusos are giving "$1 million toward the future connection between the business and engineering buildings, and another $1 million to support entrepreneurial activities that foster new business creation, diversity and inclusion."

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    3. Ball Aerospace partners with Honeywell on satellite project

      BOULDER — Ball Aerospace is collaborating with Honeywell to develop and produce Optical Communication DataLinks enabling satellite operators to deliver global connectivity to users. Ball Aerospace, based in Boulder, and Honeywell will establish volume production of optical terminals for high-speed communications from ground to space, between spacecraft and from spacecraft to aircraft.

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    4. Colorado Springs defense contractor Polaris Alpha plans major expansion, including Denver

      Colorado Springs defense contractor Polaris Alpha plans major expansion, including Denver

      Defense contractor Polaris Alpha LLC on Wednesday announced plans to add 450 employees by 2026 and build or lease 100,000 square feet of office space in Denver and Colorado Springs late this year.

      The moves aim to better accommodate rapid growth of the company's space, cybersecurity and intelligence analysis software and information technology services.

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    5. German-based HERE mapping company is now here with new Boulder office

      HERE, a German tech company aiming to provide high-quality maps for self-driving cars, on Wednesday officially opened its new office in Boulder — with plans to grow. 

      The office currently has 20 people, and executives say they expect to have a total of 35 people in the office by the end of the year. 

      HERE traces its roots back to the mid-1980s when a small team started developing digital maps of California.

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    6. Metro Denver EDC celebrates biggest deals of the year, looks forward to bagging the big one

      One year ago, Vertafore Inc. — a privately-held insurance technology company — had a small office in Westminster with 50 employees.

      Then, the company looked to Denver as part of its long-term growth strategy and moved its headquarters office from Seattle to downtown Denver, at 999 18th St., and brought 500 employees with it.

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    7. Colorado electric motor company gets order from Chinese customer

      A Longmont-based maker of electric motors said it's received a $1.3 million follow-up order from a Chinese customer. UQM Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UQM) said it received the order for its R340 fuel cell compressor systems from an unnamed Chinese customer. UQM said it received a $2.2 million order from the same Chinese customer last year.

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