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    1. Special-needs tech event in Snowmass started with five families

      Special-needs tech event in Snowmass started with five families

      A devastating accident left Alice Brouhard's 5-year-old daughter Kara legally blind and paralyzed on one side. But today, the now-33-year-old lives in her own house, using inexpensive iPad apps with voice prompts to get through the day.

      Alice and four other Colorado families who bonded because of their special-needs children want to share the knowledge.

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    2. The futurist: Computing’s next big transformation

      The futurist: Computing’s next big transformation

      I had great difficulty completing this column. This is partly due to the complex nature of the technology and partly because its implications may indeed be so far reaching that I’ll sound over-reaching in describing it.

      Several companies may find what I’m describing to be rather disturbing. It’ll be disturbing because this technology is on the verge of undermining most, if not all, of their product development plans.

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    3. Three keys to business longevity

      Three keys to business longevity

      According to the 2013 Colorado Innovation Index report from the Colorado Innovation Network, as a hotbed for small business, Colorado sees more startups than most states, but also sees a larger percentage of small businesses fail than the U.S. as a whole. While hard work and tenacity are important in maintaining a business, there are some key factors that contribute largely to a business’ long-term success.

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    4. New Patent Office Creating Historic Innovation Hub In Denver

      New Patent Office Creating Historic Innovation Hub In Denver

      The official opening of the new U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Denver -- the first such facility west of the Mississippi River -- is creating outlets and opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs and others with great ideas.

      The light bulbs on the 15th floor of the Byron Rogers Federal Building -- the high-tech ones that remain dormant until someone enters the hallway -- suddenly illuminate overhead like an inventor with a great idea.

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    5. Red Rocks Community College

      Red Rocks Community College


      Red Rocks Innovations in STEM Education (RISE) offers courses and programs that showcase how STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is critical to solving local and global challenges. By doing so, RISE inspires and motivates students to pursue a STEM career through impactful hands-on and real-world experiences.

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    6. Colorado gets high marks for tech innovation

      Colorado gets high marks for tech innovation

      Colorado's use of technology is heading forward, with the state scoring above average marks on the recent biennial Digital States Survey. The Center for Digital Government, which administers the survey, gave the state a "B+" grade for its practices, policies and progress in use of technology to "better serve citizens," and "streamline operations," the survey said.

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    7. Event: Understanding Disruptive Innovation: The Cases of Internet, Telecom, and Electricity

      Over the last thirty years, technological change has accelerated at an increasing rate, threatening established business models and upending whole sectors of the economy. In the case of telecommunications, the rise of wireless services and Voice over Internet Protocol, for example, have transformed what was once a monopoly service. More generally, Internet services have regularly developed in a "disruptive" fashion, undermining existing business models.

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    8. Which Colorado company is the most innovative?

      Which Colorado company is the most innovative?

      Forbes magazine has released its list of the most innovative companies in the world, and Colorado's sole contribution is a Denver business that makes a tasty burrito. That's right: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (NYSE: CMG). The fast-growing restaurant chain was ranked No. 20 on the Forbes list, ahead of such household names as Netflix and Starbucks.

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