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    1. A Colorado company you've heard of and one you haven't make Fast Company's most-innovative list

      A Colorado company you've heard of and one you haven't make Fast Company's most-innovative list

      A great big Colorado company and an itty-bitty one share spots in Fast Company magazine's new report of the world's most innovative companies. At the risk of sounding like an Academy Awards presenter introduction: One company connects millions of people to satellite TV and is working hard to disrupt the pay-TV business; the other makes socks. Douglas County-based Dish Network Corp. and Boulder-based XOAB share the honor. XOAB is one of 10 Kickstarter-backed startup companies in Fast Company's…

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    2. IBM outlines plan to revamp business for investors

      IBM outlines plan to revamp business for investors

      NEW YORK (AP) — IBM's CEO says the company's plan to revamp its business to shift away from hardware and focus on business analytics, cloud computing, mobile services and security is on track.

      In a media briefing ahead of an investor conference in New York on Thursday, Virginia Rometty said the company plans that the new tech markets should make up 40 percent of IBM's business, or $40 billion, in the next 4 years. That's up from 13 percent five years ago and 27 percent by the end of this year.

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    3. When IT becomes an unbearable burden

      When IT becomes an unbearable burden

      Information Technology, or IT, -is an integral part of business these days. Almost no company can run without it.  We all dive for our computers, smartphones and notebooks any time there is a need to communicate and exchange information about our businesses.  Our accounting, human resources, and project planning are structured with software. Where would salesman be without their  contact management systems and electronic calendars?

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    4. Denver lands Panasonic Enterprise Solutions near airport

      Denver lands Panasonic Enterprise Solutions near airport

      Panasonic Enterprise Solutions will locate a new technology center and business solutions hub near Denver International Airport, bringing about 300 jobs to Denver, city officials confirmed Thursday.

      The facility will be located at a 400-acre transit-oriented development called Peña Boulevard Station at 61st Street and Peña Boulevard, where a commuter rail line is expected to open in 2016.

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    5. Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Cloudera Security Seminar & Breakfast

      Denver, CO  •  Thursday, December 4, 2014  •  8:30am – 11:00am Mountain Time

      Join Cloudera, Dell, and Intel for a morning of thought leadership and discussion around the changing world of big data security.

      Hadoop is a powerful tool for today’s enterprise – providing unified storage of all data and metadata, regardless of format or source, and multiple frameworks for robust processing and analytics.

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    6. Interface - Denver (Nov. 19)

      Interface - Denver (Nov. 19)

      F2F Events, Inc. (F2F) produces CPE-accredited educational conferences for IT professionals focusing on the latest developments in information security, IT infrastructure and communications. F2F's INTERFACE conference series is dedicated to providing both attending delegates and sponsors a strong return on their investment of time and resources.

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