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    1. Big names to gather for COIN Summit

      Big names to gather for COIN Summit

      Big names in U.S. business and technology will be among the speakers and delegates at the third annual summit of the Colorado Innovation Network being held Aug. 26-27. The invite-only event brings 275 attendees representing business and industry, nonprofits, research labs, academia and government to network and hear discussions. Organizers of the COIN Summit unveiled a lineup Tuesday that includes:

      Jeff Immelt, chairman & CEO, General Electric Co. Safra Catz, president and CFO of Oracle Corp.…

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    2. Denver startup Craft Boom can help you find your fix

      Denver startup Craft Boom can help you find your fix

      Whether you're searching for a pint of pilsner or a swill of sauvignon, a new app created by Denver startup Craft Boom Corp. can help you track down just the right place to find it. Launched in July, Crafted Here is the culmination of more than a year's worth of work that began at a "hackathon" in Denver in May 2013, said Craft Boom CEO Chase Doelling. The purpose of the app, called "Crafted Here," is to help users track down spots for beer, wine, spirits, marijuana and coffee across Colorado,…

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    3. Upgrade your home with these 5 Colorado technologies

      Colorado tech companies are at the forefront of the connected devices, automation, Internet of Things and cleantech sectors. There isn't quite the volume of companies as there is in the Valley, but that doesn't stop major innovations from being made in these areas. Here are five companies that are making huge strides this year in these emerging industries that you can support by trying out in your own home:


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