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    1. Regional report: Northern Colorado

      Regional report: Northern Colorado

      Northern Colorado boasts some of the state’s fastest growing communities, and area businesses have been key participants in that surge.

      The business triangle of Fort Collins, Greeley and Loveland has benefited from construction and staff expansions at large companies such as Avago Technologies and Leprino Foods, while innovative startups have taken advantage of incubators, entrepreneurial competitions and other support from economic-development groups.

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    2. Colorado Roundup: Missile Batteries, Blue Ocean, and Funding News

      Colorado Roundup: Missile Batteries, Blue Ocean, and Funding News

      Here are a few bits of recent news from startups around Colorado:

      Solid Power goes ballistic: Solid Power, a Louisville, CO-based startup spun out of the University of Colorado-Boulder, announced a unique partnership earlier this month. It’s working with the Air Force to make batteries for the intercontinental ballistic missiles that carry nuclear warheads.

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