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    1. Vail cell, wireless service improved

      Vail cell, wireless service improved

      VAIL — In the first weeks of 2013, restaurant owner Ron Riley was frustrated enough with cell phone service in town over the Christmas holidays that he launched a crusade to change it. Two years later, changes have been made, and the town seems ready to handle the technology load coming to the valley with the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships. Riley was out of town through most of the holidays, but others in town say Vail’s cell phone service is much, much improved.

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    2. JAB: Bridging the digital divide

      JAB: Bridging the digital divide

      With more than 750 employees and annual revenues topping $100 million, JAB Wireless Inc. might be the biggest Colorado company you’ve never heard of.

      Founded in 2006, the Englewood-based firm has become the largest fixed-wireless broadband service provider in the country, with more than 175,000 customers in 15 states, including 35,000 customers in Colorado. Its primary services are high-speed Internet access and digital telephone, mainly in underserved rural and exurban areas.

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    3. Arvada joins broadband collective Next Century Cities

      Arvada joins broadband collective Next Century Cities

      Arvada has joined Next Century Cities a bipartisan, city-to-city initiative dedicated to ensuring the availability of next-generation broadband Internet for all communities.

      "Broadband is quickly becoming essential for both Arvada businesses and residents-on par with water, wastewater, power, and other municipal services," said Arvada Mayor Marc Williams in a news release.

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