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    1. Boomtown expands partnership with Colorado BioScience Association

      BOULDER — Startup accelerator Boomtown in Boulder said on Wednesday its teams and alumni in the health-tech sector will be provided with a 12-month, complimentary membership to Colorado BioScience Association. “We are incredibly excited to deepen our relationship with CBSA,” said Tom Base, managing director of HealthTech at Boomtown.

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    2. Colorado Tech Summit returns to Denver

      Colorado Tech Summit returns to Denver

      The technology sector now makes up more than 11 percent of Colorado's. To support further growth, the Colorado Technology Association will host the Colorado Tech Summit on Oct. 19 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. Gov. John Hickenlooper will open one of the sessions discussing cybersecurity and Colorado's role in the industry...

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    3. Level 3 warns of internet 'attack of things;' your cameras, DVRs are at risk

      Level 3 warns of internet 'attack of things;' your cameras, DVRs are at risk

      Level 3 Communications Inc. is warning of a possible online attack of your home DVR, camera, and internet router. The Broomfield company (Nasdaq: LVLT) said it's seeing a rise in malware attacks on Internet of Things (IoT) items, "of which 95 percent were cameras and DVRs, roughly 4 percent were home routers and less than 1 percent were compromised Linux servers."

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