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    1. Parents Want STEM Classes, So Why Do Schools Struggle to Keep Them Alive? - Yahoo News

      Parents Want STEM Classes, So Why Do Schools Struggle to Keep Them Alive? - Yahoo News

      From Yahoo News: The study, led by a team of eight researchers from the University of Buffalo and the University of Colorado Boulder, found that programs designed to boost students’ science, technology, engineering, and math skills in majority-minority, predominantly low-income schools barely had an impact on the students they were intended to help, and in some cases they dragged down scores on standardized tests. “Under-performing schools need an awful lot of support to manage the demands of a STEM program,' the study’s coauthor, Margaret Eisenhart, an educational anthropology and research professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, wrote in ...

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    2. St. Vrain teachers get lesson on integrating computer science | News OK

      About 65 St. Vrain Valley teachers, counselors, librarians and coordinators attended a day-long symposium Monday at Longmont's Timberline K-8 to learn about integrating computer science principles into their lessons. Axel Reitzig, program director of St. Vrain's Innovation Center, said the symposium kicks off the district's work to develop a K-12 computer science framework. The framework would detail computer science standards at each grade level and suggest resources for teachers, he said. The district also is looking at providing more teacher training opportunities. 'We have to start getting some traction in making sure our students are learning computer ...

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    3. How Lucy Sanders tackles gender inequity: Data, research, humor

      BOULDER — Lucy Sanders' memorable moment No. 1: traveling to New Jersey with her husband to accept the Bell Labs Fellow Award, the highest honor bestowed on about a half-dozen company scientists and engineers each year.

      As the third woman to receive the award since its inception in 1982, she remembered watching the wives of other award winners clapping excitedly as a woman stepped up to accept the award.

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    4. Startup by West Bloomfield High School grads aims to help local small businesses

      Two West Bloomfield High School graduates, Andy Balan and Sara Lukas, have recently launched a startup that capitalizes on a market that is still foreign to many.

      The goal of the new company, eSale Solutions, is to bring a large portion of local small businesses into the world of e-commerce.

      Balan, who founded the company in October of 2014, explains the idea behind their company in very simple terms.

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    5. 20 Colorado colleges ranked on grads' starting career pay (Slideshow)

      20 Colorado colleges ranked on grads' starting career pay (Slideshow)

      The average Colorado student's debt load upon graduating is $24,530, according to the Institute for College Access, a nonprofit nonpartisan research organization. And with that — plus the ever-growing rise in college cost — on students' minds, how much a graduate can expect to get paid is more important now than ever. PayScale.com, an online crowdsourced salary database, crunched the numbers on the amount graduates with a bachelor's degree from 20 Colorado colleges make to determine the average…

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    6. To heck with tech: Millennials prefer face-to-face meetings, and Denver's great for that

      To heck with tech: Millennials prefer face-to-face meetings, and Denver's great for that

      The terms "millennials" and "technology" are as often linked as peanut butter and jelly, with the millennial generation — generally those born between 1980 and 2000 — supposedly preferring all things tech over everything else. New research is showing that's not necessarily the case. Millennials may use technology more than past generations, but they still prefer face-to-face engagement, according to new report, titled "What Millennials Want in Meetings. "

      > Download the report here. The report…

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    7. Galvanize and IBM Announce Collaboration to Support Women in Data Science and Engineering

      Galvanize — an education company focused on data science, web development and entrepreneurship — and IBM (IBM) today announced a collaboration to help support diversity in data science and data engineering. IBM will commit to provide support to female participants in Galvanize programs, from tuition assistance and mentorship to internships and employment opportunities.

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    8. How high does Denver rank for tech hiring?

      How high does Denver rank for tech hiring?

      Almost one in five job openings the Denver area are technology jobs, more than double the national average and ranking Denver third among U.S. cities for tech jobs ranked by the employment search website Simply Hired. The 14,741 tech job openings account for 19.3 percent of the 76,292 positions being filled in the Denver area and that are aggregated by Simply Hired. Only San Francisco and Seattle had more tech jobs open than Denver.

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    9. Progressive hiring 193 by year's end at Colorado Springs call center

      Insurance giant Progressive Corp. announced Monday plans to hire 193 sales representatives and claims adjusters for its Colorado Springs call center by the end of the year. The company, which employs 1,200 in the call center and 400 more in an information technology operation at the same location, said the jobs are a mix of new positions and hires to replace employees who have left Progressive. The call center has added 375 jobs in the past 10 months.

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