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    1. Denver cybersecurity school expands outside of Colorado

      Denver cybersecurity school expands outside of Colorado

      A Denver cybersecurity education company has expanded outside the state of Colorado. SecureSet, with locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, said its new Tampa, Florida location is up and running. “Cyber threats are growing exponentially, but there is a lack of qualified talent and innovation in Tampa Bay and nationally,” said Adam Sheffield, director of SecureSet’s Tampa campus, in a statement.

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    2. National CineMedia moving corporate HQ

      National CineMedia, the company behind many of the ads seen at movie theaters, announced Monday plans to move its corporate headquarters in June 2018. The Centennial-based company will move from its space at 9110 E. Nichols Ave. to a 63,000-square-foot space in the 7-story Cascades Building at 6300 S. Syracuse in Englewood. NCM CEO Andy England said the company's growth fueled the decision to move.

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    3. Officials promise new details today about Denver's bid for Amazon HQ2

      After weeks of secrecy, metro Denver economic-development officials today are expected to finally reveal some of the details of the area's joint bid for Amazon.com Inc.'s second headquarters. Some, but not all. J.J. Ament -- CEO of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp., which submitted the bid for "Amazon HQ2" -- said there has been so much interest in the region's pitch that he will release some details this morning at the agency's executive committee board meeting.

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    4. Colorado Technology Association, Colorado Succeeds and Silicon STEM Academy Offer Computer Science Scholarships for Colorado High School Students

      Colorado Technology Association, Colorado Succeeds and Silicon STEM Academy Offer Computer Science Scholarships for Colorado High School Students

      As the technology sector continues to evolve, many companies are having difficulty finding qualified workers to fill in-demand, high-tech jobs. Expanding immediate access to computer science training is a statewide imperative to help continue to build our tech talent pool and fill critical job openings. Colorado Technology Association (CTA), Colorado Succeeds and Silicon STEM Academy have partnered on a $20,000 scholarship fund for 100 Colorado students statewide to jumpstart their future in tech through online coding classes.

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    5. Colorado Springs defense contractor wins Apex Award for antenna work

      Braxton Technologies of Colorado Springs received the Best Project Award from the Colorado Technology Association during its 17th annual Apex Awards on Nov. 9 in Denver.

      The award honored Braxton and partner Amergint Technologies for developing a new interface to allow Air Force Satellite Control Network users to connect with commercial antennas without modifying the network's control systems, according to a Braxton news release.

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    6. CTA APEX Awards — Pairin uses soft skills to match businesses with employees

      Talk about lemons to lemonade. Michael Simpson had a sour childhood – one mired in poverty and abuse. 

      And even though education wasn’t valued, he finished high school and enrolled in a community college. Soon though, working four part-time jobs to help his brother through college and his mother pay bills became too much, and he dropped out. 

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