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    1. Technology could transform transportation to the Vail Valley, and fairly soon | VailDaily.com

      Technology could transform transportation to the Vail Valley, and fairly soon | VailDaily.com

      The Colorado Department of Transportation doesn't have much money to pay for big ideas. But big ideas are still bubbling at the state agency. The Vail Town Council on Tuesday, Sept. 4, heard a presentation from Peter Kozinski, a one-man department for the department's RoadX Program. That program is designed to envision how technology can improve the state's transportation system.

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    2. Vail becomes epicenter of regenerative medicine

      Vail becomes epicenter of regenerative medicine

      VAIL — The world to come has been discussed in Vail during the past few days, and the material was indeed futuristic.Hosted by the locally based Steadman Philippon Research Institute, the Vail Scientific Summit wrapped up on Saturday with speakers from across the country discussing the latest in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.The Steadman Philippon Research Institute has housed a cluster of leaders in the field of regenerative medicine during the past couple of years, with about 20 of the world’s most respected physicians and scientists currently using the institute to conduct their research on how to ...

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    3. Vail Public Library’s Tech Studio open for innovation

      Vail Public Library’s Tech Studio open for innovation

      VAIL — It’s not the biggest room at the library, but there’s a whole lot going on in there.Watch your step when you enter, as a little BB-8 “Star Wars” bot might be rolling on the floor completing its assigned route, created by the hands of children of all ages.Don’t be alarmed by the 3-D printers, either; they are just producing unique designs created by both locals and visitors alike.

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    4. Gorsuch taking ski boot, insole fitting into the future

      Gorsuch taking ski boot, insole fitting into the future

      VAIL — When you’ve been doing a job for as long as Dano Bruno has, inspiration doesn’t always come easy.But when he returned to work at Gorsuch from a recent trip to Germany, he was inspired.“It totally lit a fire under me,” he said.Bruno’s been fitting boots for 35 years. He’s helped internationally known athletes like Tanner Hall and Evan Raps, as well as local podium regulars like Heidi Kloser and Taylor Seaton.

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    5. Vail cell, wireless service improved

      Vail cell, wireless service improved

      VAIL — In the first weeks of 2013, restaurant owner Ron Riley was frustrated enough with cell phone service in town over the Christmas holidays that he launched a crusade to change it. Two years later, changes have been made, and the town seems ready to handle the technology load coming to the valley with the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships. Riley was out of town through most of the holidays, but others in town say Vail’s cell phone service is much, much improved.

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    6. Attracting Millennials key to Vail’s future

      VAIL — As the first waves of the people who invented and invested in Vail’s first half-century recede, town officials worry about from where the next wave will come. The Vail Town Council, along with other community members, spent Tuesday morning in the Grand View Room atop the Lionshead parking structure. They were joined by representatives from RRC Associates, a Boulder-based market research firm.

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    7. Vail’s wired up for 2015

      Vail’s wired up for 2015

      VAIL — By the time the World Alpine Ski Championships return early next year, Vail should be ready to handle anything that rolls down the Wi-Fi highway. Vail is spending $1.2 million to expand its wireless system to make sure it is. It works so far. On the weekend the GoPro Games were in town, Vail’s Wi-Fi averaged 3,000 simultaneous users.

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    8. Broadband conference features new Vail cell tower project

      Broadband conference features new Vail cell tower project

      VAIL — About 300 economic development experts, communications specialists and government officials gathered at the Vail Cascade from June 8-10 to discuss broadband infrastructure in the state. The town of Vail’s newest broadband project — one that when completed this fall will increase user capacity and add 29 “nodes,” or cell towers, within the town — was one of the hot topics of the conference.

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    9. GoPro Games packed with gadgets, gear and good times

      VAIL — The GoPro Games group is a happy, earth-loving crew, mostly because the earth is best big ol’ playground ever. Imagine astronomer Carl Sagan exclaiming “billions and billions” and you’ll have some idea how much swag is available at the GoPro Games. Competitors get a swag bag packed with stuff, but it’s not all the stuff there is. “The games are so multi-faceted that we can’t accommodate all the competitors and all their events,” said Erik Wardell with Backbone Media.

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    10. MacGyver-inspired moment leads to a win for Vail Valley students

      EAGLE COUNTY — The clear skies were clouding up for Battle Mountain’s Technology Student Association. After racing to a big lead in the Solar Roller rally, a bunch of racing happened. Their car was mangled after a competitor crashed into them and they were 40 laps down, working feverishly to get back on the track as other teams’ remote control solar race cars sped past. And that’s when they had their MacGyver moment.

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    11. Central Rockies residents are among the nation’s best for life expectancy

      Coloradans not only live better, but They also Live longer. Eagle County is one of five Colorado counties with the country’s highest life expectancy. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle ranked the nation’s top counties for life expectancy and Eagle County was seventh. Gunnison County led the country, followed closely by Pitkin County. Douglas County was eighth and Summit County was ninth.

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