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    1. Can I-70's Mountain Corridor Ever Be Fixed?

      Can I-70's Mountain Corridor Ever Be Fixed?

      Shailen Bhatt is hungry. The executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation is at the wheel of a white Dodge Durango SUV—an official CDOT vehicle, retrofitted with flashing amber emergency lights—when he exits Interstate 70 in Idaho Springs, swoops into a McDonald’s drive-thru, and orders an Egg McMuffin. I’m sitting in the passenger seat. “Do you want anything?” he asks.

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    2. Inside Denver's Coolest New Co-Working Space

      Inside Denver's Coolest New Co-Working Space

      Original art, a massage center, a rooftop deck, an open bar...you might rightly ask how anyone gets anything done in such an environment. But designing offices to feel a little less like work is the intent of real estate developer Grant Barnhill, whose adventures in co-working began when he found himself with extra space to rent in one of his office buildings in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood a few years back...

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    3. Collaboration Is Key at Colorado STEM Academy

      Collaboration Is Key at Colorado STEM Academy

      As I pulled up to the Colorado STEM Academy (CSA) in Westminster on a snowy afternoon in March, I was sure Siri had led me astray. The compact, blindingly white building sits on a small parking lot—its only trace of color coming from the American flag in the front lawn and the sign above the entrance. The simple exterior didn’t resemble the image in my mind of the new, cutting-edge school. But inside, it’s a whole different experience.

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