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    1. Colorado Rising

      Colorado Rising

      Over the last year, the Colorado technology community has gotten a lot of attention, marked by leading global technology companies buying, partnering and investing deeply in our ecosystem. Just last week, CA Technologies acquired Rally Software in Boulder, marking a great new chapter in this homegrown software leader’s history.

      More than 50 percent of the top ten tech companies in the United States were active in Colorado in the last year, which highlights the great companies we are growing and developing.

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    2. Happy Holidays!

      Happy Holidays!

      Happy Holidays!

      As 2014 comes to an end, we could not be more excited for the future of technology in Colorado!  Last year, we committed to “fueling Colorado’s economy through technology” and are excited to see technology and IT – leading the growth across many industries in the state.

      Looking into 2015, the time to collaborate and broaden the engagement of technology could not be more important.  

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    3. Complex Compliance – Where Does Your Business Owe State Sales Tax?

      Complex Compliance – Where Does Your Business Owe State Sales Tax?

      A decision handed down in September has captured the attention of state and local tax practitioners – particularly those connected to clients in the software industry – for good reason.

      In the case, the Texas Comptroller held that an out-of-state taxpayer had a sales and use tax filing obligation with Texas even though its only connection with the state was the licensing of electronically downloaded software in the state. [SOAH Dkt No. 304-13-5657.26, Hearing No. 106,632 (Tex. Compt. Public Accts. 9/19/2014).] 

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    4. Business Storytelling: Why Tech Companies Must Integrate Their Data

      Business Storytelling: Why Tech Companies Must Integrate Their Data

      Though businesses in many industries are experiencing a shift in focus when it comes to data integration from a predominantly IT role to a partnership between the IT department and business line, this change is particularly important for companies in the highly competitive high tech industry for a number of reasons.

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