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    1. Sphero Donates $110,000 To DonorsChoose.org

      Sphero Donates $110,000 To DonorsChoose.org

      Boulder-based robotics developer Sphero--following efforts from local technology investment leader Brad Feld and his family foundation, the Anchor Point Foundation--said this morning that it has donated $110,000 to DonorsChoose.org, a nonprofit which helps teachers attract donations from individuals to help fund public school classroom projects. 

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    2. Brad Feld On Startups Philanthropy, and Helping Teachers Succeed

      Brad Feld On Startups Philanthropy, and Helping Teachers Succeed

      Brad and his wife, Amy Batchelor, announced this season they're matching donations to all of the Colorado first time DonorsChoose.org projects through the end of the year. We thought we'd catch up with Brad to understand why they decided on the match, his philosophy on how startup entrepreneurs should engage with philanthropy early, and why it's important for those in the tech startup world to be engaged with their local community.

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    3. Sphero's Berberian: Over $300M In Products Sold To Date

      Sphero's Berberian: Over $300M In Products Sold To Date

      Boulder-based Sphero has--literally--been on a roll lately with its robotic toys, to the tune of over $300 million in products sold since the company was started, according to CEO Paul Berberian. Berberian, speaking at a Techstars event in Los Angeles this week, mentioned Sphero's product sales total in an introduction to Boulder-based Techstars' Los Angeles startup accelerator program.

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    4. Techstars Backs Net Neutrality Effort

      Techstars Backs Net Neutrality Effort

      Boulder-based startup accelerator Techstars is backing a new effort to promote net neutrality, after the FCC's new Chairman, Ajit Pai, said he wanted to roll back net neutrality efforts put in place in 2015. Techstars said that America's startup ecosystem depends on an open internet, saying that companies should "compete in the marketplace based on the quality of our products and services, not the ability to pay tolls to internet access providers."

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