1. Erik Mitisek, CEO of Colorado Technology Association

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    2. Taking it on the road

      Taking it on the road
      It's summertime, and we are taking the Colorado Technology Association on the road. Time to get out of Denver, cruise the awesome roads of Colorado and discover where we can get lost, without any cell coverage, in Colorado!We are excited to depart on our inaugural Colorado Tech Tour on July 20th. 5 cities, 5 days and numerous conversations for us to connect with all things technology in our ...
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    3. Colorado Rising

      Colorado Rising
      Over the last year, the Colorado technology community has gotten a lot of attention, marked by leading global technology companies buying, partnering and investing deeply in our ecosystem. Just last week, CA Technologies acquired Rally Software in Boulder, marking a great new chapter in this homegrown software leaders history. More than 50 percent of the top ten tech companies in the United States were active in Colorado in the last ...
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    4. Colorado data centers tax-break proposal faces many hurdles

      Colorado data centers tax-break proposal faces many hurdles
      ...nacted tax breaks to attract them so far, and a handful of others are debating similar bills this year, noted Erik Mitisek, CEO of the Colorado Technology Association. But while these centers create a huge amount of inv...
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    5. And…We are Off!

      And…We are Off!
      2014 was an amazing year for Colorado technology. Fresh IPO, tens of new companies, and consolidation in some core Colorado operations. Within our membership alone, we had over $8.0 billon of transactions in 2014 marking one of the largest deal years in history. It was a great year. By all measures, 2014 as the best year in technology in Colorado in a long time.
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    6. Happy Holidays!

      Happy Holidays!
      Happy Holidays! As 2014 comes to an end, we could not be more excited for the future of technology in Colorado! Last year, we committed to fueling Colorados economy through technology and are excited to see technology and IT leading the growth across many industries in the state. Looking into 2015, the time to collaborate and broaden the engagement of technology could not be more important.
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    7. Denver clears up sales tax on custom software development

      Denver clears up sales tax on custom software development
      ...imeliness to convene in the summer and work in the fall and publish a new policy in less than 120 days," said Erik Mitisek, CEO of the Colorado Technology Association, which bridged conversations with local businesses an...
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    8. Have you reserved your APEX Conference tickets?

      Have you reserved your APEX Conference tickets?
      Fall is the time we celebrate and plan for a great new year in technology. This Fall, we have a jam-packed event calendar culminating with our two APEX events. One, the APEX Awards on November 5th, will bring our community together for an elegant dinner to celebrate our award finalists and winners who have propelled Colorado forward. The other, the APEX Conference, is a day of technology "show and tell ...
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    9. What makes Colorado startups unique?

      What makes Colorado startups unique?
      Everyone knows the mythology of the Silicon Valley startup. Theres even a TV show poking fun at the tech scene there. But are startups in Colorado any different? That question is part of whats explored in this weeks print edition cover story published in advance of the Denver Startup Week celebration of the local entrepreneurial scene, which starts Monday. The answer from entrepreneurs, both relatively new ones and the serial ...
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    10. Interview with Erik Mitisek, Colorado Technology Association CEO

      Interview with Erik Mitisek, Colorado Technology Association CEO
      Erik Mitisek has been leading the Colorado Technology Association (CTA) for a year and helping build the startup and technology community since 1999. He previously served as co-founder of Next Great Place Inc., a Denver-based online luxury travel company. In addition to the travel industry, Eriks background includes real estate, big data and online radio business development as well. Over the last several years, Erik has been deeply involved in ...
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  1. About Erik Mitisek, CEO of Colorado Technology Association

    Erik Mitisek is the CEO of the Colorado Technology Association. CTA leads the network of companies and professionals fueling Colorado's economy, through technology. Erik is a Colorado business builder with 13 years of early-stage high-growth experience in online software, luxury and real estate companies. Prior to CTA, he co-founded Next Great Place, which is working to reinvent vacation planning online. The company is located in the heart of Denver and is venture backed by Trinity Ventures.

    Prior to Next Great Place, Erik was the CEO of online software company Claremont Information Systems where he led firm-wide business development and strategic relationships for Exclusive Resorts (a Revolution Company) and helped build XACT Radio, a world-class personalized music software company (like Pandora) during the 2000s. Erik has been involved in and building the Denver startup community since 1999. Erik is on the Advisory Board for the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship, is an Advisor for Startup Colorado and mentor for the Founders Institute. Erik is the co-chair of Denver Startup Week, which was launched as a new Denver event in 2012. Erik graduated with a BSBA in finance and marketing from the University of Denver.



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